Automate or die (slowly)

The long-term overhead of not automating your operational problems will choke the growth of your product features. Technical debt is well understood to slow down software product development, but I hardly hear anyone discussing operational debt. Operational debt, or support engineering can kill your product development velocity. Every time someone says "we can do it … Continue reading Automate or die (slowly)

Arbitrary Constraints Power Creative Problem Solving

Google Ventures does a lot of research on sprints. What they don’t say directly is that a sprint is a tightly constrained by time. In five days you have to decide, build, test, and iterate a new idea. After building software for nearly ten years, I’ve come to the realization that the thing that drives … Continue reading Arbitrary Constraints Power Creative Problem Solving

Are You Managing Your Manager?

This post originally appeared on FirstMark Community. Insights from FirstMark’s Code Driven series, a monthly event for developers to learn and get inspired. Are you doing a good job managing your manager? Duncan Grazier, ShopKeep’s VP of Engineering, has a simple formula that can empower engineers to get the most out of their managers, and … Continue reading Are You Managing Your Manager?

Past performance not indicative of future results

If you’ve spent any time reviewing the outlook of an investment you will recognize this statement. This statement is so that an investment firm can show you how well they’ve done, while protecting themselves from a failure to produce similar results for you. Could we not draw a corollary between hiring and investing? Hiring is … Continue reading Past performance not indicative of future results