As a consultant, I have to track my time. I have to track the amount of time that I work on every project in a single day. On days that I am not on-site with a client, I will jump from project-to-project across six active, busy projects. Tracking time is a solved problem. There are…More

Fix It Later

Here is a mindset I’ve come across recently: ‘fix it later.’ In a culture of resourcing, waterfall-ing, and lackluster performers, fixing it later is exactly status-quo and is exactly what is wrong with your software project. If they, reasons nefarious or not, don’t want the project to be workharder to make the project better they…More

Code Like It Is For A Blog

Be hard on your own code. Your job, as a programmer, is to write ‘good’ code. Regardless of if it is working or not, human beings will need to read it to understand what it does. This means that you should follow convenstions, remove extra whitespace, and apptly name things. You should write code just…More


Direct quote: It’s speculation, but I’d look for the re-enable event when creating a new user in our DB rather than un-deleting the existing one. Please stop speculating when talking about an issue. Please take ten minutes of time to track down the source, and see what it could be. Ready? You can find the…More

Technical Leadership Is Not Hard

I will outline what you can do to successfully be a technical lead: Buy a notepad Write it down Do it Cross it out Goto 2 Knowing what needs to be done is your most important job. Do I need to talk to Steve about the commit he made? Write it down. Did John ask…More