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Code Like It Is For A Blog

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Be hard on your own code.

Your job, as a programmer, is to write ‘good’ code. Regardless of if it is working or not, human beings will need to read it to understand what it does. This means that you should follow convenstions, remove extra whitespace, and apptly name things.

You should write code just like it is going to be reviewed by the entire world. You should feel embarrased if you commit whitespace errors. You should be shunned by your teamates, and you should in turn shun your teamates. It is not just for the aesthetics. Imagine if your diffs were littered with various changes that didn’t have a lot to do with the commits intent.

Please join me in writing code like it will end up on a blog, and that blog has unfiltered commenting with everyone in the world invited to comment.

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